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  • Glitchhunter09

    Until the 28th (two days from now at the time of posting) you can get a number of Capcom games at reduced price on the 3DS and Wii U E shops. While that doesn't sound like it's relevant, it includes RE titles. the 3DS has Revelations at 55% off and The Mercenaries 3D at 60% off. The Wii U version of Revelations is also on sale. Right now I'd buy The Mercenaries 3D since it probably isn't worth the $20 US price tag it has. It's a fun game, but the lack of content makes buying it full price redundant. It's $7.99 US right now. It's a digital download of course so you'll need space on your 3DS's SD card or a new SD card to store it on. It uses 4713 blocks of memory. The easiest way to find it without doing a search is to go on the 3DS's Eshop'…

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  • Glitchhunter09

    So after the raid mode patch apparently Single player got broken. Special weapons you recieve as rewards can potentially duplicate themselves several times. I'm not sure what causes it, but I think repeatedly dying before looking at them in your workbench has something to do with it. Of course this is only a theory.

    Anyway you can read about reports of it here

    As you can see, the glitch can be unstable at times. I've experimented with it before and my trials have got different results. Apparently, the order of moving weapons around in the workbench after they've been duplicated can have different effects. You can have weapons and parts deleted (if a weapon disappears …

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  • Glitchhunter09

    Obviously I need a new PC. The current specs of REmake remastered are too high, which is weird considering they're 2D backgrounds. So yeah, those of you that bought it and can't play it, you're not alone. This is as bad, if not worse than the RE4 remaster.  I'm sticking to playing the Wii port on my Wii U. At least I can play that at full speed. On the plus side, I got the official soundtrack. looks like capcom released it in .m4a format rather than mp3 (like they did with RE4's soundtrack when they packed it with RE4 HD. Cheap bastards....)

    I'm not sure what their reasoning for not releasing it on Nintendo consoles was but I have a feeling it has to do with them still being pissed off at Nintendo about the exclusivity agreement. They need …

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  • Glitchhunter09

    So I was digging around in the files. There's a few audio files for Street Fighter characters. Chances are they were used as placeholders. They have CX_XX withCX_ XX representing a number. Not a huge deal but fun to note.

    On another note, I'm ripping BGM and voices from the file 2 disc. What I've found is that the cutscenes aren't real time at all. They're prerendered. Some of you probably knew this already, but I felt it was notable.

    In addition, the audio is stored seperately from the video in .adx format, a format I'm quite familiar with thanks to my experience with Sonic the hedgehog PC games, which also use it (along with numerous other games from various systems) So I ripped the audio. Just to try to do something different, I ran the c…

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  • Glitchhunter09

    Giant Lucy

    March 2, 2014 by Glitchhunter09

    Well as some of you may have already found out, Lucy Mallet for some reason in Outbreak File #1 gets gigantic in Decisions, Decisions, and Hellfire.  In all of the other scenarios and all of File #2, when you play as her (only possible via gameshark in both games btw.)  she's the proper size.

    I'm not sure why Decisions, Decisions and Hellfire make her gigantic but I have heard that they also add stats to statless characters so perhaps it's somehow related.  The game must handle statless characters differently in these two levels. I'd love to investigate further but my technical expertise is limited.

    But yeah, seeing a giant little girl is quite hilarious for some reason. Then again, so is seeing a regular sized little girl carrying an assaul…

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