Until the 28th (two days from now at the time of posting) you can get a number of Capcom games at reduced price on the 3DS and Wii U E shops. While that doesn't sound like it's relevant, it includes RE titles. the 3DS has Revelations at 55% off and The Mercenaries 3D at 60% off. The Wii U version of Revelations is also on sale. Right now I'd buy The Mercenaries 3D since it probably isn't worth the $20 US price tag it has. It's a fun game, but the lack of content makes buying it full price redundant. It's $7.99 US right now. It's a digital download of course so you'll need space on your 3DS's SD card or a new SD card to store it on. It uses 4713 blocks of memory. The easiest way to find it without doing a search is to go on the 3DS's Eshop's main page and look for the price drops tab.

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