Well as some of you may have already found out, Lucy Mallet for some reason in Outbreak File #1 gets gigantic in Decisions, Decisions, and Hellfire.  In all of the other scenarios and all of File #2, when you play as her (only possible via gameshark in both games btw.)  she's the proper size.

I'm not sure why Decisions, Decisions and Hellfire make her gigantic but I have heard that they also add stats to statless characters so perhaps it's somehow related.  The game must handle statless characters differently in these two levels. I'd love to investigate further but my technical expertise is limited.

But yeah, seeing a giant little girl is quite hilarious for some reason. Then again, so is seeing a regular sized little girl carrying an assault rifle that's as long as she is tall.... oh and drowning her in Raccoon Zoo's lake...

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