So I was digging around in the files. There's a few audio files for Street Fighter characters. Chances are they were used as placeholders. They have CX_XX withCX_ XX representing a number. Not a huge deal but fun to note.

On another note, I'm ripping BGM and voices from the file 2 disc. What I've found is that the cutscenes aren't real time at all. They're prerendered. Some of you probably knew this already, but I felt it was notable.

In addition, the audio is stored seperately from the video in .adx format, a format I'm quite familiar with thanks to my experience with Sonic the hedgehog PC games, which also use it (along with numerous other games from various systems) So I ripped the audio. Just to try to do something different, I ran the cutscene audio through Audacity's vocal remover. Some of the cutscene tracks have audio completely eliminated now, others are a little iffy in that regard. My goal is to make an unofficial outbreak file 2 soundtrack of decent quality for other RE fans to enjoy.

Enough about my personal plans though, as for the audio itself, what would you guys like me to do with it? Keep it on my computer for all eternity, or upload it so it could be used on the wiki? Your call. I know how some of the admins are about things like this which is why I'm asking in advance.

Edit: After looking at file 1's data, there's a lot more good stuff inside. There's alternate versions of the opening to the Outbreak scenario which uses the beginning of "Happy Hour Jam Session" and has a different news report talking about a building blowing up and "mysterious murders related to it".

In addition, there's a few leftover tracks from the cut levels that made it to file 2. Including an earlier version of the theme used for the derelict hospital, that starts out different and uses slightly different instruments in places. Also in there, but the same as their final iterations are the RPD theme from "Desperate Times" and the Arklay Forest Theme (from "Flashback"). It seems like a number of level tracks were dropped and replaced with a placeholder track of some sort. Unlike file 2 which uses blank dummy tracks for this, this track actually has sound.

A track from Code Veronica is also present in Outbreak's data. Probably as another placeholder track. the track is Death Siege. In addition, there are two techno tracks that sound like they belong to another Capcom game. Not sure which though. There are also a few audio tracks I couldn't identify. Not sure if they're actually used ingame or not. They're definitely not on the official Outbreak OST though.

These are all from file 1:

Here's the early version of the abandoned/Derelict hospital theme btw:

This is a placeholder track that occupies various empty music track slots the name used is the first instance of it.

This is one of two techno tracks I found. I'm not sure if this is from another Capcom game or not. If anyone knows the game it's from or if it's original to outbreak, let me know:

There's another one but I haven't uploaded it yet.

In addition there's a few variations of certain cutscene audio tracks that either didn't make the cut, or are online only. (as I mentioned above) (the cutscene audio is separate from the actual video and stored as .adx.)

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