So yeah, I went to see Retribution earlier today. Thankfully, I wasn't the one paying for it. But I was more curious about how the monsters/BOW were done than anything else. I have to say I have mixed feelings about it. I'll just start a list of shit here about the different aspects of the movie. Also, there are spoilers. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.


As we all know, Paul W.S. Anderson for some strange reason likes this storyline. I'm not sure if it's because he hasn't played the games, or if he just wanted to try something new. While I support his creativity, it would have been preferable if he actually bothered to follow the game storyline. Here's a brief brake down of the story though. Basically, it picks up where the last one left off on the ship. Chris and Claire have seemingly disappeared from the boat but this has to do with their actors simply not being in the cast. Anyway, Alice is knocked unconcious by the Helicopters and wakes up naked in a paper dress thingy. (Paul, do you really have to show us Jochovich's body so much? I will admit she is kind of attractive but that's stupid and a point of major ridicule towards you by the fanbase.)

Anyway, the mind controlled Jill interrogates her and uses loud sounds to cause her pain. Anyway, the security system goes out, Alice grabs an outfit from a drawer that pops open, heads into a tokyo street, immitates the first scene of the previous movie, escapes, uses some stuff she found to beat up zombies, makes it to the central processing room, meets Ada, gets weapons and sees Wesker is alive and not working for Umbrella.

Basically, we go through most of the movie with people trying to get to one another with Wesker sending in Leon Barry, and Luther, who was in the previous movie, and three other random guys. Then they go through a New york simulation..... you know what? If you really want to understand this shit, rent the movie when it comes out on DVD and Blu-Ray so you can decide if you like it or not. It will probably save you some money. I'm mixed on it personally. Anyway, the storyline is shit. I'd give it a 1/5.

Special Effects

Being an action based movie, it has action scenes, compared to the previous movies, there's a lot more. I found many of the special effects very impressive, even knowing the movie had a shitty storyline. Whomever Coreographed (why the hell isn't Firefox's spell checker working atm? Any other time it would be checking that.) the fights did a pretty good job. However, the crappy story makes them a moot point. Even so, some of the more impressive fights scenes were the final battle and the fight between Alice and the large crowd of Zombies leaving the Tokyo simulation room. The gun play was rather interesting in the Tokyo simulation room scene. Alice found a gun in a police car dashboard and a bike lock chain nearby.

She used these two things as weapons throughout this sequence. The use of the bike chain was rather interesting to say the least. She used the bike lock chain like a nunchuk. Of course, the padlock on the end made a nice blunt weapon perfect for bashing zombies heads in. At one point, Alice runs out of ammo in the gun, throws the clip in the air and uses her empty clip to knock a zombie down, and then grabs the clip she threw up on its way back down, putting it in the handgun and blowing a zombie's brains out. The final battle features the evil Rain clone injecting herself with Las Plagas.

She then fights Leon and Luther from the previous movie and at one point breaks Luther's ribs so hard his heart stops working and he dies instantly. She also successfully breaks Alice's ribs nearly killing her. There is a scene at the beginning of this sequence that mimics a scene from RE4. In this scene, she gets shot with bullets by Alice, Leon, and Luther. she then moves the bullets down into her hand and expels them onto the ground from her fingers, much like Saddler did when Ada shot him in RE4. More on game homages later though.

In the Moscow simulation room scene, Alice is driving a car with Leon, Barry, and the black dude while being chased by a bunch of vehicles that have a large group of "Russian Majini" in them. Anyway, one fires an RPG-7 and blows up a van. Alice goes right through the exploded van catching the car she's driving on fire but continues anyway. There's also the fight with the two Executioners. More on the Executioners later though. The fight itself was pretty decent for what small portion of the movie it was in. Two executioners corner Ada and Alice and they're forced to fight them. As always, the larger enemies get blown up by massive amounts of fuel the enemies carelessly let loose... in this case, one of the Executioners hits a fuel truck and spills fuel everywhere. Both executioners then chase Ada and alice to a Taxi with gasoline spill under their feet. Ada and Alice shoot the Taxi and blow it up killing both Executioners.

Overall, the special effects and fight coreography were some of the best parts of the movie. I'd give it a 4/5.

The BOW and Monsters

Of course, you can't have an RE movie without these, regardless of how crappy the movie's storyline is...

Retribution boasts a pretty decent variety of creatures. Unfortunately, I was saddened to see the rumors about Hunters were untrue. Thankfully, outside of a flashback sequence at the beginning of the game, Cerberus don't appear making this the first movie without them in any scene of the physical movie.

  • The Executioner/Axeman: Two of these guys appear in the movie. Their design and behavior seem a lot less ackward. In the previous movie, their walking stance and behavior was kinda ackward and strange looking. Their musclemass was also absurdly ackward as well. Here however, it seems they got the walking stance down much better. My only complaint about these guys is that their masks looked more brownish instead of black.
  • Giant Licker: Did we really need ANOTHER Giant Licker? I mean, wasn't there one in Apocalypse? Anyway, this guy is very durable. He was thought to be killed at least twice in the movie and finally blown up the third time around when the facility exploded. It bites off the head of one of Leon's team members early in the movie and wounds Barry badly close to the end. It also kills the good clone of the Rain.
  • "Russian Ganado/Majinis": These guys are TRUE Las Plagas infections. The Red Queen (yep, she's back.) Unleashed These on Leon, Barry, Luther, and his gang while in the Moscow Simulation Room. They have an appearance similar to a type 3 Plagas infection. Including the pale skin. They behave much like Militia Majini did in RE5. Using fire arms ranging from Machine guns to an RPG-7. There was also a Chainsaw wielder. This guy seemed to be a bit harder to take down than the other guys for whatever the reason. Kind of like the games. Though Leon and Barry were shooting him with handguns... And of course, the Rolls Roice sequence is there as well, complete with the RPG-7 weilders.
  • Zombies: As with the previous movie, you have the Plaga Undead here. Strangely, the Russian Majini are referred to this name by the Red Queen despite being nothing like these guys. There's not really much to say about these guys other than they like sticking their hands inside stuff a lot in this film.
  • Kipepeo: You only see these guys at the end of the movie. One flies at the screen as well before fading to the credits. Unlike the games, the actual origin of these creatures hasn't been confirmed. There isn't much to say here since they didn't really get that much of an introduction.

As for the creatures overall, I will say lots of improvements here regarding the Executioners and the "Russian Majini" were pretty cool as well. Overall I will be generous and give the BOW and monsters in this movie a 3/5.


The soundtrack was another aspect I enjoyed. It seems to capture the action really well. I may just have to buy this badboy. As for the style, it's mostly technoish action music mixed in with the occasional obligatory Orchestrated music track. 5/5 for the OST.

Characters and Stuff

While I will say that I was happy to see Leon, Ada, and Barry, I was a bit disappointed later on in the movie. They captured Leon, Ada and Barry really well and whomever did the outfits and hair was a genius! Leon looks more like his RE6 version in his RE4 wardrobe for some reason though. Ada's just as resourceful in the movie as she was in RE4. She shoots a hole in the floor underneath her to avoid getting killed by an explosion in one scene and uses here grappling hook to impale an Umbrella henchman earlier in that scene as well.

I don't really know what to say about Leon but he wasn't too bad. I don't have much to say other than that.

As for Barry the actor had a good appearance but he just seemed a little too skinny for the part. I think they actually did a good job of portraying him here. They got his badass personality down for the most part. They also gave him his Silver Serpant! Unfortunately, he only fires it once. =( And as usual, Paul WS has to middle finger old school RE fans and kill off a character that was not killed off in the games (in canon anyway.) and kill Barry off. Fortunately, Barry doesn't go down fast. After taking a barrage of machine gun bullets and getting knocked down, he gets up mortally wounded and puts a bullet in one of the Umbrella soldiers' heads with his Silver Serpant. Then he gets killed by the others. This royally pisses me off. For killing off Barry, I give the characters a 2/5


Overall, I give this movie a 3/5. It's a mixed bag. There's some things people will enjoy and others people won't. If you get invited to go with a friend, you should as long as the friend pays. Honestly, don't waste your money unless you REALLY REALLY want to see this movie. Have someone waste theirs instead! =D

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