Got bored so I decided to try out a Cindy type character. While I learned I suck at dodging, I also found an exploit that allows you to slash Titan from the side without him being unable to attack back. It involves this part of east concourse I'm about to show below in this image I took with Screen capture after doing it. I was so excited I had to show you guys so I hooked my PS2 up to my Dazzle and took a screen capture. Here it is:

Zombie Elephant knifed

I may have to do a video as a follow up to this awesomeness....

Of course, I was playing on Easy but I'm sure the exploit works on higher levels as well. Unfortunately, you can't see the spot (and anyway, I've moved out of place.) because of Titan's massive bulk. basically, there's a spot behind Titan in the photo above near the door to North Concourse from East concourse. I managed to get Titan stuck there sort of. He was trying to attack me but the space was too narrow. It ended up getting him stuck in a loop of taking a few steps forward and stomping, then taking a few steps back and repeating it over and over unable to get me.

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