I was browsing the Talk:Resident Evil: Revelations page, where someone mentioned a Rewind Theater video on RE: Revelations that offered some good insight and new theories to the upcoming game. Naturally, I went to check it out.

The video is basically a breakdown of the Revelations trailer shot by shot, while two commentators point out significant aspects of each frame. Things one may not notice when watching the trailer in real time.

I found it interesting and it did give some food for thought, but what really gave me pause was when I was skimming through the viewer comments and someone mentioned the possibility that HUNK could be a Wesker child from Project W.

Honestly, the thought never occurred to me. Sure, I wondered who these other “children” were, but I just assumed they were all dead. Now, I’m not so sure.

I re-read Spencer's Memoirs (entries 1, 2, 3 & 4), the Project W Report, and the Albert Wesker file and I couldn't find any allusions to ALL of the children dying. Most had, but some had survived (including Albert) and, according to Alex Wesker, they had to replace the “recent losses”.

We know HUNK makes an appearance in Revelations because you can see him wearing his infamous gasmask in the trailer, and even though it hasn’t been confirmed, there’s much speculation that he is also the “Chris Doppelganger” tied to the chair.

So, what do you think, could Revelations delve deeper into Project W and if so, could HUNK be a Wesker child? Why, or why not?

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