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  • Godzillafan93

    Resident Evil has at least four separate continuities going right now: The main games

    The movies

    The novels

    The comics

    As it stands, despite the fact that they aren't related, multiverse articles are all crammed together under the same tab. Looking at Leon's tab, for example, would lead one to assume Gaidan is part of the movie continuity, because they're on the same page. Further, no characters have separate tabs for their novel or comics portrayals.

    This what I propose: When you click on the "other continuities" tab for a character, you get taken to another portal with links to different pages for each one. Obviously, this isn't necessary for every character, but for those who have significant differences between their game and non game timel…

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  • Godzillafan93

    So far, only two weapons are "definitely" confirmed:

    Leon's VP-70, which he can apparently dual-wield. Chris's Beretta 92FS (because that's all he ever uses anymore).

    There's also an unknown assault rifle (looks like a weird G36 or Saiga to me), plus a Colt Jake uses. Ada appears to be carrying an Arctic Warfare in the new trailer, and it looks as though Leon is using the Stakeout from Re5 in all his gameplay videos.

    Guns I'd either like to see or suspect will be making appearances:

    Samurai Edge as more than just a Mercenaries gun.

    Silver Ghost: I was disappointed Leon was going back to the VP, because I liked this one a lot more.

    Blacktail/Springfield Armory XD-9: While I hated this gun in Re4, odds are Ada will have it, since, well, she always…

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  • Godzillafan93

    For the roughly five of us on this site, anyway...

    I don't want to turn this into a PC/console flame session. This blog has one purpose, and one purpose only: to correct the issue of Resident Evil 5 LIVE achievements. If you own the game for the PC, you can get all the same achievements as you can on the XBOX (excluding those pertaining to the DLCs). As such, we need to edit the pages referring to each achievement so as to reflect this. As they stand, the pages are inaccurate, since they only specify Xbox and PS3 achievements. The ones for the PC are a separate entity, meaning you can get the exact same one twice if you play on both Microsoft versions of the game, and essentially get double the gamer score, since Re5 for the Xbox and Re5 on …

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  • Godzillafan93

    I have access to the truly horrible Resident Evil comics. Since they're on this site already, albeit to a limited extent, I was wondering about adding a "comics" specific page for characters from the main games (just like we have for characters in both the movies and games).

    Rationale: The events portrayed in the comics are radically different from what is confirmed canon even in the early games (such as a G-virus outbreak in Raccoon City). This suggests an extensive alternate universe (albeit horrifically un-elaborate), and I'd like to suggest we add character info for those significant to the comics.

    The only characters who really do anything different are Chris, Jill, Barry, and Leon. The first three take part in a mad dash across Europe,…

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  • Godzillafan93

    Hey, it's me again, here to talk to you about the weapons of Resident Evil.

    Over the years, Capcom has treated fans of the series to a host of non-guns, weapons that don't exist in the real world.

    I'm curious to know what everyone's favorites are. The criteria is that each gun has to be something that doesn't actually exist: guns like the minigun, the Spark Shot, the Hydra, Silver Ghost, the Drago, or the ridiculous huge revolver in Revealations are fair game. Weapons like the Samurai Edge, Silver Serpent, or Punisher aren't, since, while featuring traits not found on the real world equivalent, they are themselves just modified versions of an existing weapon.

    Mine are either the Mine Thrower or the Silver Ghost.

    I like the Mine Thrower just be…

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