I have access to the truly horrible Resident Evil comics. Since they're on this site already, albeit to a limited extent, I was wondering about adding a "comics" specific page for characters from the main games (just like we have for characters in both the movies and games).

Rationale: The events portrayed in the comics are radically different from what is confirmed canon even in the early games (such as a G-virus outbreak in Raccoon City). This suggests an extensive alternate universe (albeit horrifically un-elaborate), and I'd like to suggest we add character info for those significant to the comics.

The only characters who really do anything different are Chris, Jill, Barry, and Leon. The first three take part in a mad dash across Europe, where they find zombies at various tourist traps, while Barry and Leon each also got their own solo story. Jill and Barry also got a pre-Resident Evil story involving a werewolf, which I'm pretty sure no one is going to suggest is canon.

Then, of course, there are the comics exclusive characters, like STARS Charlie team and the three Umbrella characters who recur throughout (Mr. Venk, Klaus, and Whitlam). There isn't much info on the site yet for any of them, though all play a significant rule in the Fire and Ice series, which is a sequel to the original comic magazine.

What do you guys think?

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