Hey, it's me again, here to talk to you about the weapons of Resident Evil.

Over the years, Capcom has treated fans of the series to a host of non-guns, weapons that don't exist in the real world.

I'm curious to know what everyone's favorites are. The criteria is that each gun has to be something that doesn't actually exist: guns like the minigun, the Spark Shot, the Hydra, Silver Ghost, the Drago, or the ridiculous huge revolver in Revealations are fair game. Weapons like the Samurai Edge, Silver Serpent, or Punisher aren't, since, while featuring traits not found on the real world equivalent, they are themselves just modified versions of an existing weapon.

Mine are either the Mine Thrower or the Silver Ghost.

I like the Mine Thrower just because, well, it's a gun that shoots explosive darts, and that's just plain awesome.

I like the Silver Ghost, primarily because it's a handgun, Leon uses it (which raises the awesome factor), and it has an awesome Exclusive effect.

What do you think?

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