Resident Evil has at least four separate continuities going right now: The main games

The movies

The novels

The comics

As it stands, despite the fact that they aren't related, multiverse articles are all crammed together under the same tab. Looking at Leon's tab, for example, would lead one to assume Gaidan is part of the movie continuity, because they're on the same page. Further, no characters have separate tabs for their novel or comics portrayals.

This what I propose: When you click on the "other continuities" tab for a character, you get taken to another portal with links to different pages for each one. Obviously, this isn't necessary for every character, but for those who have significant differences between their game and non game timelines (such as Rebecca in the novels, or Leon, Jill, Barry, and Chris in the comics), this would be worthwhile.

What do you think?

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