Well, we've all seen the trailer for Re6 (and if you haven't, then congratulations on stepping out of your bunker today; you've got some catching up to do). First things first: does anyone else think this game looks like even more of a departure than Re4? I'm not talking about story, so much as gameplay. It looks even more physical than ORC, and that's saying something. I'm admittedly pleased with the overall look of the game (it looks great, and zombies are back!); I just have a sick feeling all the ultra old-school fans are gonna pick it apart before it's even released. I agree with the general online consensus: Leon looks strange (a friend of mine commented he's also sporting a porn stache), and what's the deal with his face? Is he anorexic now? I think I'll probably enjoy his story more, just because it's back to Resident Evil's roots: one man, no support, and lots and lots of zombies. Chris: interesting concept, even if the game looks like Gears of War and Call of Duty (seriously, Chris is in a TANK at one point). Admittedly, it looks awesome, although I'm sure a lot of diehards will hate on it (the same idiots who gave Re0 a free pass, but despise Re4 and Re5 just because of the shift in mechanics). I hope Co-op is disabled in Campaign, if only because having to keep Sheva'a guns fully loaded was a bit of a pain. On the other hand, running around with other BSAA soldiers is nice. I'm a little concerned by the fact that this game apparently takes place before Re5 (like NEMESIS taking place before and after Re2). Many cite the lack of Jill as an example of this; personally, I figure she's probably on some sort of psych stand-down after her ordeal in Africa (being Wesker's prisoner for several years will do unpleasant things to your head, after all). In any case, setting Re6 before Re5 would ruin any sense of suspense, since we'd know both A), Chris will be in Africa in a few months and B), whatever goes down, it'll all be fixed in the end. If it's a prequel, the threat of a global biohazard is significantly lessened. Mr. Immune Guy's story looks like nothing yet seen in Resident Evil (reminds me of the little time I spent playing Uncharted). I like the idea of new characters (I like Sheva, and Luis Sera is one of my all time favorites); so long as they're not massive dicks (cough Billy/David cough). I suspect his partner may be Ashley (no one else's voice can annoy me that quickly). I don't hate on her for being incompetent (a sheltered rich girl would naturally be less capable than Rebecca or Claire); frankly I think it'd be kinda cool to run around killing stuff as her in Re6 Mercenaries, if only to get some back against the world. In any case, I suspect she'll at least get a cameo, since her dad's gonna be all flesh eating and whatnot. I heard a theory I liked, which suggested she'd hired Mr Duesch bag. His campaign seems to confirm Co-op (his partner looks like she's injecting him with the shots used to jump-start your partner's heart in Re5). Just as long as this idiot isn't Billy Coen, I'll be okay. Also, Capcom better not screw PC gamers on this one, or I'm finished with the series. I was almost done after 5 (only that game's amazing modding community saved it, and thanks to the Fed for shutting down Megaupload, it's probably going to whither and die). By the way, I have to hand it to Capcom for finding a perfect way to get around all the "Resident Evil is racist" BS that surrounded 5. No one will accuse a Japanese company of being racist if your only enemies are white (killing white people is okay, even if you're not white, like Ada in Re4) and Asian (it's apparently impossible to be racist toward Asians; just ask the NAACP or any affirmative action group). Besides, Asia's due for a biohazard; those folks have had it too good for too long! (Yes, that's a joke) Anyway, those are my thoughts on the game. I'm sure this will change as more info is released about it.

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