Okay folks, my idea here was to rank the worst parts of each game in the series. I'm working primarily from the games I know (so Survivor and all its ilk aren't included). I want to hear from other people, both those who agree and those who don't.

We'll start things off pretty basic:

Worst first release of a game: Resident Evil 4 on the Gamecube

Don't get me wrong, Re4 for the Gamecube was amazing. However, Capcom went on to give Nintendo the finger, as every consecutive version of the game got a host of extras left out of the original version, for no apparent reason.

Worst port: Resident Evil 4/Resident Evil 5 for the PC

This was a tough one. On the one hand, Re4 doesn't support the mouse, and the attack prompts are very strange (3? Seriously? What the hell does 3 mean?). Still, the game is playable without a game pad, and I can even manage to get 5 Stars without one.

Resident Evil 5, on the other hand, is horrible for the PC. Broken inventory, no DLCs of any kind (you can hack to get Versus, though). While the game features the mouse, it's horrific, and you'll have to resort to using the controller to get anywhere, especially in mercenaries.

Worst writing: Hands down, Resident Evil 0, at least in the games I've played (which excludes Code Veronica). This game is sooooo bad.

Worst acting: I'm deliberately excluding the original game because its acting is legendarily bad, and no longer canon thanks to REmake. This is a tie between Outbreak and 0. Zero has issues, primarily with Enrico, Marcus the Younger, and Birkin, while Outbreak has Mark and his fake accent. Not sure which is worse.

Worst character massacre: A lot of people feel Leon was twisted around in 4, but this one goes hands down to Jill in 5. That game is just a travesty.

Most obnoxious boss character: Wesker in 5 (he can dodge light, for crying out loud!)

Worst enemy character: Either the young Marcus from Zero, or Sergei from Umbrella Chronicles. Both are awkward characters, and on top of that, Sergei becomes a monster for no apparent reason (it's like Capcom said, "Okay, we're at the end of the game. The main villain *must* become a BOW now.")

Worst hatchet job: The Re3 portion of UC. A lot of games are condesced in this title (which is in and of itself a bad idea), but when Nemesis only shows up twice, and then drunkenly falls of the RPD building, there is no excuse.

Worst plot overall: This one has to be 5, at least for me. Convoluted, massacred Jill's character, Wesker's now an arch villain (as opposed to the much cooler shadowy manipulator he used to be), pointless genocide (seriously, we wipe out an entire culture at one point), and an effing volcano.

Well, that's my say, now what's yours?

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