• Goku259

    will you survive 1

    July 6, 2012 by Goku259

    ok so im making my first one if you do not know what this blog is about reading this first line already read my previous blog anyway I said ill make this and I am so this is the screanio

    you see zombies busing throught your front door and run and look out a window to see the entire town or city was zombie filled the zombies inside the house rush at you and you keep runing you run into a room and other living with you moves everything to the door to the room to keep them out with your knowlege of resident evil and the undead you have to find a way to get out of there alive

    factors you might to count in

    these zombies are strong and the door wont hold much longer

    there fast so nonfast runners think smart

    they can pretty much be killed by anything …

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  • Goku259

    hello i just wanted to know if you think you could survive and if you could give me a scenario

    ok based on comments i decided to do a little sceanrio and make a game out of this and call it would you survive so if your interest just comment it and if i get enought comments postive ones ill make it so everyone cant say there a badass in every possible sitiutation so see ya

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