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    Leon S. Kennedy Helena Harper Chris Redfield Piers Nivans Jake Muller (Wesker's son) Sherry Birkin Ada Wong Carla Radames (Ada's clone)

    We have Carla Radames, Ada's clone and Jake Muller who is Wesker's son. This also explains why Ada seemed to be the big bad in the trailer and why she is the villain, that could easily be Carla Radames and Ada must clear her name with the help of Leon (and it would explain Leon Vs Chris).

    What do you think?

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  • Haalyle

    So, today I was playing ORC again, at the part where you are on the elevator with the lickers coming down. After chasing Ada away.

    Okay, this glitch first happens with the Licker. The Licker got stuck behind an invisible wall near the elevator and then two of my team mates started climbing up the wall. It freaked me out and I tapped it. Will put it on soon.

    Then it happened again, but with me. I don't know what happened, but I couldn't get back onto the elevator. The game threw me away then up above the elevator, on the wall, with a Licker that was stuck. I killed the Licker and slid down the wall.

    I tried to go back on the elevator, but I went to the right and fell below the elevator. I couldn't get back up, I was stuck. It pissed me off a l…

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  • Haalyle

    It's just not Fair!

    March 20, 2012 by Haalyle

    It's just not fair! How come you get ORC earlier than us, in Australia.

    We have to wait till Tursday the 22en of March!

    Well, when I get on, for my team on the PS3, I probably wouldn't of played the campian, just warning ya!

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  • Haalyle

    Alright, we all know how damn annoying Ashley was in 4, so what would you like to have done with her?

    Me, I would honestly like to shove a knife down her throat, shoot her with a RPG as many times as I want and leave her behind!

    I bet you all have better ways of doing awful things to her. Most of those are already what I proudly do to her.

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  • Haalyle


    February 17, 2012 by Haalyle

    So, the zombies, the undead that love to eat human flesh, the T-virus vitams, are they awesome?

    Of course! That's how Resident Evil started off! Duh!

    Are they coming back?

    Of course, duh! But not as T-virus victams.

    I mean, Resident Evil 4, no zombies, depressing. RE5, no zombies, even more depressing. RE6, finally zombies are coming back! Yes!!!!

    So, are you happy that the zombies are going to be returning?

    I certainly am!

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