The live action movies, by Paul. W. S Anderson don't really go along with the story, yet it's still called Resident Evil beacuse it had zombies (last movie Afterlife, sort of had Plagas) and characters and only the basic plot of the games.

The games are the things that started it all, with it's excellent surrvival/horror genre, but even that's turned into surrvival/action, which to me, doesn't make Resident Evil...Resident Evil.

The surrvival/action seemed to have started on Resident Evil 4, with more action then scares, the third-person camera angle seemed to have made it less scary.

Now it seems, beacuse of the title Resident Evil, CAPCOM continues doing more surrvival/action beacuse more people get interested in it.

But, like people like me and a few like you, it's just changed it around. To me it feels like they've just put Resident Evil characters into some sort of game they don't fit into.

Which one wins? The Movies or The Games?

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