Okay soas you all know, RE ORC is coming out soon for two systems, PS3 and XBOX 360. It's been a long wait, but yeah, almost here! The thing is, I don't have a PS3 and my old 360 is shitty, I was thinking of getting another one, ot should I get a PS3 instead? It's just RE was suppossed to be played on the Sony PS, not the XBOX, but when it comes to the online, theres more people toplay with on XBOX Live than on PSN, but RE is a shooting game, anf shoting games are more popular on XBOX these days, PS3 is more for like, fighting games, but still, even though shooting games domain in the 360, it's not the same when it comes to RE, it just belongs to the PS in my opinion, so yeah, Idont have any of the two systems but I wil still preorder and save my copy, you know, just so I get the bonus material and stuff, that hard case, and token with extra weapons and costumes, so when I get my system, I already have those =D, and yes, I'm getting the special edition, screw the regular, I want it with all DLC and extras possible. But I need your guise's help here, can you plz tell me wat version you think is better and why? because last day to pre prder will be around this week, so yeah, I might drop by my local Gamestop tomorrow, but first I need your opinion, so what version should I go for? :3

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