• InfectedMadHatter

    I meant to post this a while back but I was swamped with stuff to do on the game, things such as the story mode and getting to level 50 (not to mention S ranking everything). So, after finishing everything on raid mode I grow bored of joining what I like to call "Troll Sessions", basically where someone who has finished everything hosts a Ghost Ship session then smashes the first fake goal ending. It grows boring.

    So, I come here today looking for players to actually play the game with, I don't care what level and such, or what stage, just anyone to play with. Most of the players I meet online just stand around and let me do all the work and I don't call that Co-Op, I call that 'Me, doing all the work'. So is anyone interested in playing so…

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  • InfectedMadHatter

    After playing the game for 5 hours after just getting it, I thought I'd try out raid mode. So I got to level 13 and got a little bored of playing by myself.

    So far I'm level 13, (or 14) but I wouldn't say I'm bad. I've got stages 1-12 open & an S rank on stages 1-8 & 10 (Chasm mode as it's the only mode unlocked currently).

    Just interested if anyone on here would be kind enough to post their friend code and play.

    My friend Code - 2191-8113-3665

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