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  • I live in Coventry,England
  • I was born on April 23
  • My occupation is student
  • I am Male
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    Hey I was wondering if you guys being RE fans could just check out this YouTube channel for me GOFG . We are a group of four people all Resident Evil fans and we make walkthroughs and stuff. At the moment none of our videos have commentarys but our next video will have a commentary by me and another group member called Steven. So yeah it would really help us out and I would be grateful. Also if you do like it could you subscribe and like the videos, if you dont like it could you tell us what you dont like about it so we can improve.

    PS: If you like it could you tell your friends about us so we can get known.

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  • ItsWilliambirkin1FromYoutube

    RE6 idea

    February 18, 2012 by ItsWilliambirkin1FromYoutube

    Okay so here is my idea for RE6 from what information that we have at the moment. First off I think the villians in this will be "the family" mentioned on, on the site it mentions some of the members who go by the names of Mother, Cousin S and Uncle. The identitys of these people are unknown but I have a good idea as to Cousin S might be and that is Jessica Sherawat.

    Reasons why for Jessica (Contains Spoliers for RE:Revelations)

    • Cousin S, could be short for Sherawat
    • During RE6 Chris suffers personal trauma in a European country, Jessica is seen in a unknown Eurpean country at the end on Revelations.
    • In the RE6 trailer a creature resembling the ooze is seen, and Jessica has a sample of the T-Abyss.
    • Chris mentions "that bitch", Jes…
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  • ItsWilliambirkin1FromYoutube

    I personally think the outbreak cast should be in it I also need William Birkin in it and Nemesis, Jill and Carlos and the UBCS from RE3, Nyx because Nyx was awesome and I would also enjoy seeing the giant alligator in it.

    So yeah just tell me which characters and enemys you would like to see and why.

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