Okay so here is my idea for RE6 from what information that we have at the moment. First off I think the villians in this will be "the family" mentioned on, on the site it mentions some of the members who go by the names of Mother, Cousin S and Uncle. The identitys of these people are unknown but I have a good idea as to Cousin S might be and that is Jessica Sherawat.

Reasons why for Jessica (Contains Spoliers for RE:Revelations)

  • Cousin S, could be short for Sherawat
  • During RE6 Chris suffers personal trauma in a European country, Jessica is seen in a unknown Eurpean country at the end on Revelations.
  • In the RE6 trailer a creature resembling the ooze is seen, and Jessica has a sample of the T-Abyss.
  • Chris mentions "that bitch", Jessica is the only living female antagonist Chris is aware of.

So lets say Jessica is part of the Family it is possible Wesker could of been the head of these people and Ada Wong was part of it, so Ada gets the Las Plagas for Wesker and Jessica gets the T-Abyss, so Wesker was the Father of the Family but he is dead in 2013 so Mother has taken over and she finds out Uncle (AKA the President) is trying to reveal the truth about zombies, B.O.W's and Raccoon City. Mother deems this unneccesary and tells the Family to get rid of him. So during The Presidents speech about the truth a gas or something is released in to the room infecting the president, Leon gets him back to the oval office but the becomes a zombie and is put down by leon. Leon is then sent to another zombie outbreak in tall oaks to see if there are any links as to who caused the attack on the white house.

Helena, Leons new partner states that this is her fault which could mean she is in The Family and helped organize the attack on the white house but feels guilty.

Also on the the email that speaks about the Family, is sent to by someone called "J", J writes in blue which is Jills signature color could she have something to do with it, maybe Jill and Chris are sent to Europe to find cousin S but Jill is killed in front of Chris, which causes his trauma, these events would take place 6 months before the President dies.

Also in RE6 this new mercenary guy, I think he is hired by the family and finds the blonde hair girl during his mission and takes care of her, his blood could save the world and perhaps the family know this but have convinced him to not give it to the world, but this blonde hair girl makes him start to change his mind once the family find out about this they send the Mechanica B.O.W seen in trailer after him and he is then on the run from the family and from Chris, which is why Chris and him are seen in the same locations through out the trailer.

So thats my theory so far, tell me what you think of it.


The email i spoke about

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