Resident Evil: Retribution, the fifth entry into the film adaptation of the game series, launches September 14th. Almost two weeks later, the much anticipated Resident Evil 6 releases. The movie and game franchises releasing so closely together gives us a perfect opportunity to compare the series' franchises. While the two are very separate creations, the similarities and differences are interesting and shed light on why each succeeds or fails in their own right. Let us know how you think the two series compare in the comments section below!

The Resident Evil franchise created some of the most enduring and compelling characters in video game history. Jill Valentine and Chris Redfield are both playable characters in the first Resident Evil game, but are completely unique characters with their abilities and background. This attention to character detail continues throughout the series. Sienna and Jill Comparison Alice leads the film series and is a brand new character in the franchise. Even so, she meets many of the classic Resident Evil characters along the way, including Jill Valentine, Claire Redfield, Chris Redfield, and Albert Wesker. The upcoming Resident Evil: Retribution will also add Barry Burton, Leon Kennedy, and Ada Wong into the mix.
Plot Over nine games make up the Resident Evil series. Since the first S.T.A.R.S. operation into Raccoon City, the story of Resident Evil has ballooned in complexity through the series. Chris, Jake, Leon, and Ada star in the upcoming Resident Evil 6, with the story taking place fifteen years after the events in Raccoon City. ResidentEvilRetribution-Poster0010 Paul W. S. Anderson, Writer and Producer on the film series, intentionally deviated from the game world, but still managed to tie many of the same characters and underlying story into the adaptations. Wesker is as bad and manipulative as ever and the T-Virus has had profound affects on Alice and the entire world, maintaining the spirit, if not the details, of the game narrative.
Zombie Hordes

How do the regular zombies compare? With few game resources at your disposal, the zombie hordes are terrifying. With only one bullet let, that single lone-zombie, mowed down so easily in other games and films, suddenly looks incredibly dangerous.

Re6artwork Single zombies pose little threat in the Resident Evil film adaptations. Weapons mow them down with ease, so only overwhelming numbers seem effective. Add Alice's super-powers to the mix, and the regular zombie horde is as threatening as a group of poodles.
Zombie Mutations From the Hunter to grotesque Duvalia, the Resident Evil game series have come up with a vast array of disgusting and deadly zombie mutations, the vast majority of which never see on-screen time. Liker Some of the most recognizable zombie mutations do, in fact, make a film appearance. The Licker, Nemesis, and the Executioner all appear in the films, their live-action counterparts looking every bit as threatening as their game counterparts.
Horror The first Resident Evil defined the survival-horror genre, in fact, it was the first to use the moniker. The eerie setting of a Raccoon City mansion, juxtaposed with camera angles that intentionally left players in the dark, literally and figuratively, makes for one of the most haunting games in video game history. Chainsaw Ganado Attack RE4 Without actually controlling Alice ourselves, the film series cannot hit the same unsettling tone as the game series. That being said, seeing the zombies in real life, with crisp digital effects, brings the gory details of the creatures to wonderfully disturbing life.
Action For the most part, the Resident Evil series never tried to compete with the fast-paced first-person shooter market. The franchise has always set itself apart as a strategic action game rather than a run-and-gun experience. The action in the game is intense, but calculated. Resident-evil-5-retribution-milla-jovovich With all the digital effects to support her, Alice is one of the most physically amazing action-heroes in the franchise. Her moves put many of the game characters to shame. The films also spices-up some scenes taken directly from the game, adding slow-motion, crazy camera angles, or even extra explosions. For those hungry for pure action alone, the films mostly deliver.

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