As I mentioned before, I do not think Resident Evil 6 is a horror game. Although it does have some terrifying moments, particular in Leon's campaign. Which brings me to this topic:

What are your scariest moments in the Resident Evil franchise? Below are my five. Let me know what your scariest moments are and, in particular, what are the scariest moments (if any) in Resident Evil 6?

1. When Dogs Attack
Resident Evil - Dogs Attack Gameplay00:36

Resident Evil - Dogs Attack Gameplay

Yes, this was back in the day. The graphics were not great, but the ambience was unlike any other game. Resident Evil defied expectations in gameplay. I remember when I first played the game, long after it came out, it still felt new and deeply unsettling. So naturally I was primed for the worst thing to exist in a apocalyptic situation: zombie dogs.
2. Chainsaw Death
Resident Evil 4 HD - Chainsaw Death - HD00:15

Resident Evil 4 HD - Chainsaw Death - HD

I do not know if this was actual horror or just complete shock, but the moment the Chainsaw Majini shows up in Resident Evil 4, I was aghast. I saw Texas Chainsaw Massacre and regret it to this day. I was never looking forward to a moment where a masked man lops off my head with a chainsaw.
3. The Regenerators
Look at that thing. It's disgusting. it's like a walking incarnation of a maw and flesh. Not only is it immensely creepy but, as the name implies, they are incredibly difficult to take down. Not to mention that when you do finally kill them, you will have wasted so much ammo that you will be completely vulnerable. In fact, the first time you see it, you may have unloaded an entire clip on it before you realize the horrifying creature was nigh invulnerable.
4. Nemesis
Yes, after awhile Nemesis great tiresome and tedious. He slowed down Resident Evil: Nemesis to a crawl. However, when I first encountered the monstrosity, it create a on-going sense of horror and trepidation. It was a beast I could not kill and he could appear at any time. Few games can pull of such a feat and, arguably, Resident Evil: Nemesis managed to maintain a sense of horror throughout.
5. Running Out of Ammo
Resident Evil 3 Infinite Ammo Case-1
OK, this is a general one. So far it has happened in every 'Resident Evil game I have played and it still makes me panic - that moment when you are absolutely surrounded and you run out of ammo. One of my favorite moments in Resident Evil 5 was playing co-op. My partner and I are fighting Wesker, completely isolated, and we run out of ammo. Despair and terror set-in. And then, the best part of horror games, we recommit and get over it, defeating him with knife attacks. This moment was an excellent nod to a specific type of fear native to the series.

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