JL the superhuman

aka Jacob Lyons

  • I was born on May 8
  • My occupation is Fanfiction writer
  • I am Male
  • JL the superhuman
    1. Resident Evil 2
    2. Resident Evil 3: Nemesis
    3. Resident Evil CODE:Veronica
    4. Resident Evil
    5. Resident Evil: Dead Aim
    6. Resident Evil Outbreak
    7. Resident Evil 5
    8. Resident Evil 6

    1. Claire Redfield
    2. Jill Valentine
    3. Rebecca Chambers
    4. Sherry Birkin
    5. Chris Redfield
    6. Leon S. Kennedy
    7. Jack Krauser
    8. Bruce McGivern
    9. Fong Ling

    1. Zombie
    2. Zombie Dog
    3. Mr. X
    4. Nemesis
    5. Tyrant
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  • JL the superhuman

    I've been a fan of the series since Resident Evil 2 which Resident Evil 2 was my first game in the series. I always choose to play as Claire during my younger years I was only about 3 years old in 1998 when the game came out because I was born 3 years prior in 1995 and once I started playing Resident Evil 2 Claire was the character I always played as then I later played as Leon and from there on I played Resident Evil 1, 3, Code: Veronica, 4, Outbreak, 5, the Umbrella and Darkside Chronicles, Dead Aim, 6, Remake and 0. As time went on I started enjoying other characters such as Chris, Sherry, Jill, Carlos, Berry, Billy and Rebecca. I've owned 2 toybiz Claire Redfield figures from Resident Evil 2 one of them I lost in a beach and I broke th…

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