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  • Jacks Falls
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  • Jacks Falls

    Looks like I need to analyze more deeply about RE3 epilogue between the three of them, :


    "Do you have any relatives?"

    Army officer asked her in a soft voice, but Sherry Birkin did not respond.

    The girl did not have relatives now.

    Enthusiasm and their passion for military virus "G" finally ends as a tragedy.

    This little girl by the arm restraint, and a small bit her lip tight.

    "she come back to me ... she will ..."

    Sherry felt very lonely, and a red jacket from left Claire, has become the only one It's a bond between two girls.

    This statement underlines that "Do you have any relatives?"

    Army officer asked her in a soft voice, but Sherry Birkin did not respond ".

    it is clear that the possibility of sherry in the adoption by a man who clai…

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  • Jacks Falls

    Ashley Graham (Sherry Birkin) and Leon S Kennedy, quoted in the engine room when the removal Plaga:

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  • Jacks Falls

    Did You Know That ? :)

    December 31, 2011 by Jacks Falls

    About Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles, Memories of the Lost City :

    • Did you know that when leon kennedy Seeing STARS emblem on the blade slightly changed expression on his face?
      * Did you know that women are mutilated by Chief Brian Irons has little resemblance to face Annete Birkin And has the same eye color as Ashley Graham?
      * Did you know that Claire is more competent than Leon or this person intentionally, whether there is mean what(Leon)?
      * Did you know that in the security room Leon changed his attitude and nature when he heard a conversation between two girls (Claire and Sherry) that made him care about them?

    Just Kidding With You,Amigo (Quote Luis Sera) :)

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  • Jacks Falls

    Just A Guess :)

    December 24, 2011 by Jacks Falls
    • Resident Evil 1:
      _Chris Redfield, Age 25 years.
      _Jill Valentine, Age 23 years.
      * Resident Evil 2:
      _Leon Scott Kennedy, Age 21 years.
      _Claire Redfield, Age 19 years.
      * Resident Evil 3:
      _Jill Valentine, Age 23 years.
      _Carlos Oliveira, Age 21 years.
      * Resident Evil CV:
      _Claire Redfield, Age 19 years.
      _Steve Burnside, Age 17 years.

    Is this a coincidence or something?, Age
    this couple, only two years adrift. which one of them, like unrequited love for Steve and Carlos.

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