What is interesting and I've clay From The Darkside Chronicles Resident Evil is when death Annete Birkin He told Leon and gripped his hand "please, help sherry, tell her, than even though i failed as a mother i have always loved her" and one more interesting to note that refers to the epilogue leon sherry "She know Too much" the man replies. but in resident evil The Darkside Chronicles Leon in interrogation when it replaced with a "G antibody" continue,,, "so if you want this to end really have only one for us". which then sharply responds leon and scenes on the lid. well,, so how do you talk about the scene leon sharp response and in the lid, what he immediately accepted the job, and sherry practically safe in the hands of governments, or Leon respond like this "there is no agreement, better just kill me", and while the next time, Sherry Safe With Leon. :)

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