Jasper the Quartz Gem

aka Kole

  • I live in I used to live on Homeworld, then the bottom of the ocean, then in a chasm, then bubbled after i corrupted myself but i am back to normal, and now stuck on this not as garbage as a planet as i thought
  • I was born on April 11
  • My occupation is I used to be a soldier of Pink Diamond thenYellow Diamond, but now i am stuck working for that little "Steven" by helping his little Earthling weirdos
  • I am Female, of course you idiotic Earthlings (btw the user in real life is male)
  • Jasper the Quartz Gem

    Since El Gigante is my new favorite boss in the Resident Evil series, i made a fanart pic of him, so here he is:

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  • Jasper the Quartz Gem

    Since i now also have Resident Evil 5, i decided to do some fanart of some of the majini enemies in the game, i already have two fully done, i have two others of the Wetland Majini, Executioner, and one of the Regenerador from RE4, but i decided to finish them later, so for now here's a couple of fanart pics taken on my webcam of a couple of the mini-boss Majini enemies.

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  • Jasper the Quartz Gem

    Yesterday i got Resident Evil 4 as a early birthday gift from my grandfather! I couldn't thank him so much for that! Now i am going to play the living crapping crap out of it! I already have beaten Del Lago boss and i honestly found him easier than i expected, well it was the first major boss so it obviously couldn't have been THAT hard, but it still gave a challenge, and the game is without hesitating to say this: HORRIFYING! Resident Evil 4 has given me more scares than Deadly Silence on the DS, the only scare from that game that got me was the Cereberus popping through the door, but back to Resident Evil 4, i am excited for what's next! I already had spoiled what is coming but i promise i will try not to have to much spoiled, i honestly…

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  • Jasper the Quartz Gem

    Yeah hi, my first blog post on THIS wiki, but anyway i am a huge nerd of Resident Evil series, sadly though i have only played Deadly Silence so i haven't played the games much, but i love the series and i love the overall monsters in the games too so here are my favorite monsters from the series

    10: Big Man Majini/Resident Evil 5

    9: Nosferatu/Resident Evil Code Veronica

    8: Crimson Head/Resident Evil REmake

    7: Baby Spider/Resident Evil 3 Nemesis

    6: Cephalo/Resident Evil 5

    5: Ganado/Resident Evil 4

    4: Regenerador/Resident Evil 4

    3: El Gigante/Resident Evil 4

    2: T-103/Resident Evil 2

    1: Hunter/Resident Evil 1

    That's right, Hunter from Resident Evil 1 is my favorite, the crazily awesome, decapitating, long lost cousin of Lizard from Spider-Man.

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