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Favorite RE monsters

Yeah hi, my first blog post on THIS wiki, but anyway i am a huge nerd of Resident Evil series, sadly though i have only played Deadly Silence so i haven't played the games much, but i love the series and i love the overall monsters in the games too so here are my favorite monsters from the series

10: Big Man Majini/Resident Evil 5

9: Nosferatu/Resident Evil Code Veronica

8: Crimson Head/Resident Evil REmake

7: Baby Spider/Resident Evil 3 Nemesis

6: Cephalo/Resident Evil 5

5: Ganado/Resident Evil 4

4: Regenerador/Resident Evil 4

3: El Gigante/Resident Evil 4

2: T-103/Resident Evil 2

1: Hunter/Resident Evil 1

That's right, Hunter from Resident Evil 1 is my favorite, the crazily awesome, decapitating, long lost cousin of Lizard from Spider-Man.

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