• JessiSpicer

    Gotta Put this on dA

    October 9, 2009 by JessiSpicer

    Just something I'm doing for DeaviantArt. I have to put it here, so yeah.

    . Mission

      So yeah, I'm back.

      Well, Kinda, I just have to save the president's daughter. She's gone missing. Never thought my first mission would be this, but yeah.
    "Long way from your cozy American home, Missy," the driver says, pulling to a stop.
    "What? Did you expect for me to  hand out cigars and sing happy little songs? I think you did." I smirk.
    "Get the hell out, you got a mission to do," the guy in the passneger seat says."Ok, see ya," I say. I get out and the crisp winter air hits me.

      I hear a distinct yell and look ahead. I see a man and see him shoot someone. I don't panic and jus watch, then notice who he is.

    Leon Kennedy

      The very person you had a thing for…

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