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December 17, 2010
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  • John Valentine

    In this blogpost I will talk in detail about how I came up with the idea for my character John Valentine and the idea to write my very own Resident Evil 6. How the idea started, what the influences and inspirations were and why I am not shying away from playing with the main chars of the franchise.

    Even though my RE 6 is a fanfiction by definition, I AM treating this 100 % like canon and like a real Resident Evil 6. So this character I created to me is totally canon just like Alex wesker is canon even though we never heard of him/her prior to RE 5. I am basically treating it like RE 6 introduces the revelation and the character of John. Like RE 6 could introduce a family member of Jills or Leons or one of the parents of Chris and Claire. T…

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  • John Valentine

    Alright, I decided to split up my first blogpost intwo two posts. Now the first post is only about my introduction and my life as a fan of Resident Evil, with a small explanation about my username.

    Now on this post I will talk in detail about the character of John Valentine, after which I named myself on this site.

    As I mentioned before John is a character created by me for my Resident Evil 6-fanfiction (Keyword: fanfiction!). I didnt create him to prove anything to anybody and I am not writing my RE 6-story to satisfy and please anyone but myself. Believe me I am my own toughest critic but I stand 1 million % behind everything I write and my vision for the story that I wanna tell in this universe. My goal is to make it fun and exciting for …

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  • John Valentine

    I thought I am gonna use my first blogpost to formally introduce myself.

    I am 28, live in germany and ofc am a huge Resident Evil-fan. or as I like to put it, I have been infected with the RE-virus for many years now.

    It all started in the end of 1998 when I finally got myself a PlayStation and when I heard some classmates of mine at school talk about a game called Resident Evil. A game that was supposed to be scary and violent and a must-have. One of my classmates was kind enough to let me borrow Resident Evil 2 from him and once I played it I got immediately infected with the RE-virus. What an awesome game. cool, bloodpumping, heartstopping with great characters and the most intense gore and shock-effects I had ever seen in a videogame. he…

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