Alright, I decided to split up my first blogpost intwo two posts. Now the first post is only about my introduction and my life as a fan of Resident Evil, with a small explanation about my username.

Now on this post I will talk in detail about the character of John Valentine, after which I named myself on this site.

As I mentioned before John is a character created by me for my Resident Evil 6-fanfiction (Keyword: fanfiction!). I didnt create him to prove anything to anybody and I am not writing my RE 6-story to satisfy and please anyone but myself. Believe me I am my own toughest critic but I stand 1 million % behind everything I write and my vision for the story that I wanna tell in this universe. My goal is to make it fun and exciting for me and to write something I totally love and that feels perfect to me. I am constantly fighting with myself during the creative process because as I said before I am my own worst critic. But the end result is something I love, that I am damn proud of, which makes me happy and very excited and that is something I will not compromise on ever. Even if the rest of the world totally hates it. as long as I love it, I achieved my goal. Integrity and being faithful to your own vision is everything to me when it comes to storytelling.

I also want to note that with my RE 6-story I try to create a story that does NOT contradict canon but is supposed to feel like 100 % canon (to me!) Very, very minor details can be different but I am working very hard to make sure that it feels like a real Resident Evil 6 to me. I dont like it when things contradict canon, I avoid all the games that are non-canon and I dont like fanfiction that completely ruins officially established things. However as you are about to find out I do like to include new things and elements into the existing canon that werent there before and make revelations about the past that are very new and go back to a time even before RE 1 and Zero. So while retroactively changing the past of the series and of some characters in some way by including something that wasnt there before, I still make sure that it does not contradict officially established facts, events and main canon. Its a very fine but very exciting line to walk.

Now, the most important change and addition in (my) Resident Evil 6 is the character of John Redfield who is later renamed into John Black and eventually becomes John Valentine.

This is the story of him so far (Note that this is not finalized yet and some things may still be subject to change but about 90 % of this will remain unchanged in the final version):


Age: 38

Weapons: 2 custom made golden Springfield-pistols and 2 Katana-swords.

He is the older brother of Chris and Claire Redfield and the fiance of Jill Valentine (He is the young man on the photograph on Jills desk in the STARS-office). He met Jill during her days at the Delta Force and it was through him that Chris met Jill before they joined STARS. John was supposed to join STARS as well but during his final mission with the Delta Force he was apparently killed in action. In truth he survived and his body was secretely taken by Umbrella who conducted viral experiments with his comatose body. They exposed him to the Progenitor and the T-virus but John was one of the very rare people who were literally immune to those viruses. At least to a degree that those viruses couldnt damage him. Instead his DNA absorbed the viruses, making his DNA stronger. Umbrella decided to monitor his body after that and kept him in a comatose condition. Johns DNA which now combined his dna, the Progenitor and the T-virus was then used to create the experimental virus that William Birkin later gave to Albert Wesker. However the constant extraction of his DNA eventually woke him up again from his comatose state. Thanks to his new DNA he posessed superhuman abilities, similar to those of Wesker just not THAT powerful (because the virus that was given to Wesker was a highly advanced version of Johns DNA) but still way stronger and faster than a normal human being. John also suffered a total memory loss when he woke up and he used his new strength and speed to overcome his captors and escape. Then for years he travelled the world, trying to find out who he was and to get his memory back. Eventually he heard about Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine who had just destroyed Wesker and Uruboros. Their name stirred something inside John and he planned seeking them out. Clad in a black coat and mask, armed with his new signature weapons, two golden custom-made pistols and 2 katana-swords he began secretely following Chris and Jill around and investigating and researching them.

In late 2009 Chris and Jill got into a deadly situation involving a vast number of B.O.Ws and were about to be brutally killed. The screams of the wounded and bleeding Jill and the image of her on the ground about to die, with Chris not being able to save her in time made something click in Johns mind who secretely (unseen by Chris and Jill) arrived at the scene. It returned all of his memories at once and with drawn swords he jumped into the battlefield and viciously fought the B.O.Ws. Since he wasnt as fast or strong as Wesker it was quite a brutal battle in which John also spilt amounts of his own blood but in the end he was able to destroy all of the B.O.Ws and save Jill and Chris. Then he took off his mask and revealed himself to Chris and Jill who were stunned and speechless. It was the miracle that especially Jill had dreamed of for years.

Over the course of the next year John explained in every detail what had happened to him and how he remembered and he met the rest of his family again including Claire who was ofc beyond happy that her oldest brother was alive and well after all. Chris, Jill and Claire told John everything that had happened in their lives since John disappeared. Chris transferred to the african division of the BSAA and became Sheva Alomars permanent partner, deliberately giving Jill and John more time for each other which after all those years they needed. Over the course of a year since John and Jill met again, their love was rekindled and eventually became stronger than ever resulting once again in engagement. Currently the wedding is being planned and John is planning to reform STARS with himself, Chris, Jill, Claire, Barry and Rebecca as members (Although later Sheva, Leon and Ada will also get the offer to join the team). To bring back the idea that STARS had been once to them before it was revealed that this idea had been a farce created by Umbrella and Wesker. This time John wants to form the "real" STARS-team that will concentrate on fighting and eliminating BOWs all around the world without the restrictions or jurisdictions that hold back other organisations like BSAA, with the idea that this STARS team operates as a black ops team who has no direct superiors to answer to, which has no restrictions and jurisdictions and can operate anywhere at anytime with all means necessary. Currently John is trying to solve the problem of funding such a team and finding the resources, weapons and equipment for such a team without relying on superior organisations or agencies who the team would have to answer to.

Currently while Chris and Sheva remain in africa and Claire in the US, Jill and John live in the UK. Since John "Redfield" is officially dead, John is currently using the last name of Black (with forged papers provided by the BSAA on Jills request) but plans on taking on Jills last name Valentine once they are married.

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