I thought I am gonna use my first blogpost to formally introduce myself.

I am 28, live in germany and ofc am a huge Resident Evil-fan. or as I like to put it, I have been infected with the RE-virus for many years now.

It all started in the end of 1998 when I finally got myself a PlayStation and when I heard some classmates of mine at school talk about a game called Resident Evil. A game that was supposed to be scary and violent and a must-have. One of my classmates was kind enough to let me borrow Resident Evil 2 from him and once I played it I got immediately infected with the RE-virus. What an awesome game. cool, bloodpumping, heartstopping with great characters and the most intense gore and shock-effects I had ever seen in a videogame. hell, even my parents were scared shitless when they saw this haha.

So for me it really started with RE 2 and bc of that thats the game in the series that has most sentimental and nostalgic value to me. Only after that I got myself the original RE and ofc I loved that one as well (I mean who didnt?) RE 1 was inferior to RE 2 in terms of graphics, gore and scale but in turn it was way more claustrophobic, a LOT harder and introduced 3 of my 4 most favorite RE-characters: Chris Redfield, Albert Wesker and ofc my beloved Jill Valentine (RE 1 made me literally fall in love with her, a love that only became stronger over the years and she is by far my most favorite RE-character of all time)

Then RE 3: Nemesis was released but that one was a huge disappointment. Not because the game itself isnt awesome, damn its one of my most favorite videogames of all time in terms of gameplay and story (And Jill is the main character, how could I NOT love this game?) No the disappointment was the german localization of it. To get the more lucrative USK 16-rating the game had been HEAVILY censored. the blood was coloured grey (zombies looked like they were dusty) and zombie-corpses didnt bleed out, they just blinked and vanished. the scene with the zombie and the Hunter in the hospital was also censored. And in the mercenaries-minigame you only got a time bonus if you killed an animal (!). Unfortunately for years that was the only version of the game I knew and bc of that I could never fully enjoy it. Luckily now I finally have the uncensored US-version via PSN-download (Well almost uncensored, Jill still cant kick off zombie heads but everything else is uncut) and after playing through this version three times in a row I can definitely say its one of my most favorite RE-games of all time.

I have to admit I always ignored those spin-off titles like Gun Survivor, Outbreak, Dead Aim etc. cause I am really only interested in the games which belong to the main series. So my next RE-game was RE: Code Veronica X fpr the PlayStation 2. I had just bought my PS2 when the game came out and was very excited to play a RE-game on this new console and it definitely didnt disappoint. Veronica was BIG and epic and featured an amazing plot and characters. Even when Jill wasnt in it it had Claire (I love Claire), Chris and one hell of a return by Wesker. The graphics were beyond anything ever seen in the series before and unlike RE, Code Veronica X was uncensored in germany (Which maybe the reason it was put on index later on lol)

However after Code Veronica, I have to admit that the RE-virus left my system. The reason for that is that the series went over to Nintendo and I am a dedicated Sony-player. Until this day I have NEVER played the REmake and RE Zero, simply because I never owned a Gamecube. This was and still is a major bummer but I never could get myself to buy a Nintendo-console since I became a PS-player. And so I said farewell to Resident Evil for many years to come. Which today I really regret but thats how it was. I admit I am burning to play the REmake after all the images and videos I have seen and the details I read and these days a Gamecube has become so inexpensive that I probably will buy one in January and FINALLY will play the REmake.

Because my RE-infection was over I also didnt pay much attention to RE 4 when it came out for PS2 - especially when I heard there were no zombies anymore and that Leon was the main character while none of my favorite RE-characters appeared in the game. Thats why I havent played RE 4 as well (though I know the details of the plot). I would play it today if I could but I currently only have a PS3 Slim so I cant play any PS2-games for the time being.

But then finally after more than 9 years I was infected again by the RE-virus. When I got myself Resident Evil 5 Gold Edition a few months ago. That game brought it ALL back. I havent been addicted to an RE-game like that since RE 1 and 2. I just love RE 5 and in the last few months I played it over and over and over. I love the new system, I love the characters, the story, the violence, all those figurines, the DLC-levels, the complex overall story that RE evolved into, I just love all of it. Even now where I have literally unlocked everything in the game I still play it every day. I mean going through that game with unlimited ammo for Magnum 500, Hydra shotgun and Rocket Launcher? damn thats what I call kicking bloody ass!!

RE 5 is definitely my most favorite PS3-game so far and besides RE 2 and 3 also my most favorite RE-game of all time. And ever since I started playing RE 5 I became a totally die hard RE-fan again and am infected with the RE-virus beyond any chance of a cure. And thats a damn good thing. I am finally back in the fandom. Took me long enough.

Ever since I became a big RE-fan again I have been reading up on facts and story, timelines, fact files etc. which eventually lead me to this FANTASTIC RE wiki. This is like the pool of ultimate RE-knowledge. Like some holy library or something. I totally love it. And so ofc I joined this site as a member now.

By the way if any of you wanna know where my username John Valentine comes from: Thats a character I created for a RE-fanfiction. Thats why I chose that name. By the way the weapons that can be seen in my avatar image are Johns signature weapons . Two golden custom made Springfield -pistols (Nicolas Cage used them in John Woos Face/Off) and two katana-swords. You cant kill nasty , evil things with more style than that :)

For more information on that character check out my second blogpost.

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