A video of an interview with Tsukasa Takenaka, the producer of Resident Evil Revelations. With the addition of Campaign and Raid Mode gameplay details. 

Resident Evil Revelations Unveiled Edition - Campaign Gameplay (Rev3Games) (HD 1080p)05:03

Resident Evil Revelations Unveiled Edition - Campaign Gameplay (Rev3Games) (HD 1080p)

From the video:
  • Gameplay/Campaign: The aiming uses a crosshair rather than the classic laser aiming, though it is unknown whether this is an option and the ability to change the aiming to first person is unknown.
    • The player is able to walk, aim and shoot at the same time, but it is unknown whether this is similar to Resident Evil 6's combat system.
    • Similar to the 3DS version of Revelations, the player is able to use the knife without having to draw it.
    • Unlike classic Resident Evils and similar to RE5, the map is located on the top right of the screen, however it is still not known if the player is able to turn them on/off similar to that RE5.
    • The game still utilizes blood splatter on the screen to indicate the player's health, meaning there are no health bars.
  • Gameplay/Raid Mode: New Custom Parts and Skills.
    • As seen in the video, the Mastery of each character seems to evolve in ability as the character's level go up. Jill's Handgun Mastery and Machine Gun Mastery skill also has the ability to increase the Fire Rate of weapons related to her skills asides from being able to reload it faster.
    • There's also seems to be some sort of emblem in 3:26. It is unknown if it serves any purpose in-game.

That is all I can observe from the video, if there are anything missing feel free to comment.

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