Found this video while fiddling around on YouTube. Pretty lengthy too.

Resident Evil Revelations HD - Chapter 4 Xbox360 gameplay31:10

Resident Evil Revelations HD - Chapter 4 Xbox360 gameplay

Soo...yeah, from the video, this is what I can gather:
  • A new file (perhaps) in the VIP Room of the Casino stating an egg of some sort.
  • Not long after the reading and on the way to the bilge, there seems to be some sort of egg.
  • Puzzles are done maybe using the analog stick and buttons. Haven't seen how to un-screw the screws though, probably spin the analog stick I guess.
  • The Genesis returns with altered interface.
  • Weapons now have descriptions in the Customization Bench menu.
  • The MP5 seems to have a buffed up firing speed, from 1.67 in the 3DS to 7.50 in the HD Port. (Ain't that ridiculously fast...)

That's all I can gather from now, if there are anything that I have missed, feel free to comment.

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