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  • JordanaBrewsterFAN

    OK. I get why the page is blocked. Some little troll-bitchess kept messing the page up or something. But still. There are a lot of things that need to be edited and no one is doing it. Here are a few changes (these that I am gonna say right now are for the gallery). A picture called unknown character. Ehm hello, his name is Jake Muller. Then, those unknown characters, they are Jake and Sherry Birkin. The "Trailer Cap" something his name is writen differently. It's Piers Nivans. Thos photo with the unknown characters in China. Jake and Sherry. Then, why hasn't anyone made any trivias. Many other games have why not this one? Here is one, Despite it's title the game is actually the ninth game of RE (in the main series), also the fact it take…

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  • JordanaBrewsterFAN

    ORC endings.

    March 25, 2012 by JordanaBrewsterFAN

    Holy crap I just watched both endings and wow. The one where you let Leon and Claire live is amazing. But I don get it. But I don' get it. Why are that russian guy and Four Eyes missing from both of them? And apperently the player was playing with Lupo so what does this mean. That if you chose a male character then the person assisting you in either killing Leon or defending him is a man?

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  • JordanaBrewsterFAN

    Why is her page protected. Just becuase some duch kept writting the same thing over and over well if you want to punish someone punish him by blocking him not protecting the page so noone can edit on it does anbody realise how unfair this is that just because of 1 person the entire page is blocked. What if I wanna make an edit or someone else we will have to wait up untill it is unlocked? Are you kidding me? I mean God I know it is only for five days but what if KillerSeven or something decides to make the same changes he made before on the page? Isn't is just eaiser to block him/her and make thing a little less messed up with so many people here who are trolling?

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  • JordanaBrewsterFAN

    Cause on the 90210 wiki some unholy slu*s uploaded some nude pictures and I want to do two things: A) Delete the pictures and B) Block them for life. Any help?

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  • JordanaBrewsterFAN

    Rachel stereotype

    December 29, 2011 by JordanaBrewsterFAN

    Does anyone else think that Rachel is just another stereotype. Dump blonde with big tits who the only thing she does is scream and run aswell as kick a few stuff in a scary atmosphere. Why does she remind me of Casey Becker. Except we like her cause she was played by Drew Barrymore. Rachel is just trash. Though I have to admit it was sad she died. Poor girl had no idea what she was getting herself into. Unlike Jill.

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