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  • Kalamord

    Zombies in RE5?

    February 15, 2012 by Kalamord

    If the enemies on the conveyor belt are starving, discarded test subjects and not zombies, why do they seem to have some decomposition and use the exact same moans/noises the zombies in the Resident Evil remake make? Not merely similar, but the same audio. Surely it wouldn't be too hard for Capcom not to recycle zombie moans for a different enemy? I wouldn't be surprised if it's a hint from Capcom that the conveyor belt enemies (and from Lost In Nightmares) ARE indeed zombies. Albeit weak and possibly from a different viral strain (Progenitor?). Anyone care to share your thoughts or explain?

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  • Kalamord

    It may be old news to some, but did anyone else know that the main theme playing on the Start Menu to Desperate Escape is very similar to the Terminator theme? This is a likely homage, as the Resident Evil series has referenced the Terminator films in past games. Watch (and most importantly, listen) to the comparison video to see what I'm talking about.

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  • Kalamord

    Sorry if this has been done/asked before, but I felt the need to post about this after a very weird experience during an online Mercenaries session in Resident Evil 5.

    I was playing with a friend in Ancient Ruins, and we were both Wesker. I was low on health, got attacked and immediately went into "dying" status. My partner didn't have any healing items in his inventory, but did have a rotten egg.

    When he "saved" me, he held the rotten egg and proceeded to spray my character the same way a First Aid Spray or herb is used! My Wesker's red health seemed to refill and turn green for a very brief instant, but then the glitch must have corrected itself as the other Wesker instead started to resuscitate my Wesker!

    It was very weird and even a bit h…

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  • Kalamord

    Leon and Chris are both main characters in RE6. Would you rather the gameplay be like the original games where you would be able to choose Chris or Leon as the character you play as? Or would you rather one storyline where you play as both, like Code: Veronica?

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