Sorry if this has been done/asked before, but I felt the need to post about this after a very weird experience during an online Mercenaries session in Resident Evil 5.

I was playing with a friend in Ancient Ruins, and we were both Wesker. I was low on health, got attacked and immediately went into "dying" status. My partner didn't have any healing items in his inventory, but did have a rotten egg.

When he "saved" me, he held the rotten egg and proceeded to spray my character the same way a First Aid Spray or herb is used! My Wesker's red health seemed to refill and turn green for a very brief instant, but then the glitch must have corrected itself as the other Wesker instead started to resuscitate my Wesker!

It was very weird and even a bit hilarious! I have seen other glitches, like in Versus mode where a character holds a rocket launcher or magnum and fires it like a shotgun, or the other way around, but this is the first time I witnessed this weird rotten egg glitch.

Did this ever happen to anyone else? Or at least something almost as weird?

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