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    Do you agree with me that Resident Evil has no strong AI when it comes to teamplay? Seriously, my Sheva always dies whenever I will deliver the killing stroke, or in ORC when my Four Eyes programs a zombie ally, only to be killed afterwards and they will get shot at (except Bertha. She knows her guts :D).

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    Hey, guys!

    This will be my very first blog, so keep sending those opinions if you want to.

    Personally speaking, as a gamer, why does Capcom try so hard to please their audience? I mean, take a look at our first heroine, Jill Valentine. She has gone through lots of changes, some of them are MAJOR CHANGES. Capcom kept changing her looks, she's going from a simple beauty to a 'Nina-Williams-lookalike', and then having a babyface, and then drastically falling for thick lips. IMO, I still prefer the 'Julia Voth' look, because that's how I envision Jill when I heard that there would be a remake, and that look suits her.

    Capcom, come on. Seriously?

    Keeping with the current doesn't mean you have to be always on par with the others. Sure the other gameā€¦

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