Hey, guys!

This will be my very first blog, so keep sending those opinions if you want to.

Personally speaking, as a gamer, why does Capcom try so hard to please their audience? I mean, take a look at our first heroine, Jill Valentine. She has gone through lots of changes, some of them are MAJOR CHANGES. Capcom kept changing her looks, she's going from a simple beauty to a 'Nina-Williams-lookalike', and then having a babyface, and then drastically falling for thick lips. IMO, I still prefer the 'Julia Voth' look, because that's how I envision Jill when I heard that there would be a remake, and that look suits her.

Capcom, come on. Seriously?

Keeping with the current doesn't mean you have to be always on par with the others. Sure the other games have hotter female leads, but what defines a character is through their qualities (with physical appearance as a side bonus :D). Sometimes, in order to keep up, we have to remain constant with what we have, because, as the story progresses, the characters should also age physically, mentally and psychologically. A perfect example would be our first hero. Chris has gone from an 'action hero' archetype into what would I consider to be 'John Rambo'. At first, it was disdainful to see, but with his backstory backing up his physique change, I would say that they [Capcom] pretty summed up his aging factor and made sure that the audience would still have a grip on his storyline (whether we like it or not). As of his official release in Resident Evil 6, his appearances remain constant, and for that, I am very pleased.

So, as a PS, I just want to see Capcom sticking with some of their old designs because these redefined our characters, and they still kick butt. :D

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