As far as we know that Resident Evil 6 take places 10 years after Racoon city incident which is 2008 and RE 5 take place in 2009,so Jill Valentine wouldn't be returning as Chris patner since she has face her "horrific fate" in Spencer Mansion on Lost In Nightmares mission but will that "woman" that Chris mention in the trailer could be Jill Valentine since she has been brainwash by Wesker and been doing things for him and Wesker order her to release a virus he create and decided to release in Asia or it broke out like what happen in Racoon City and cause the city to be overrun with creatures,or that "woman" is just Jessica that spread that Abyss Virus to Asia and Jill role is to retrieve the blood from that new character and is an antagonists on Sherry and the new guy story.

Well,since the world is infected,could capcom use this chance to make Resident Evil Outbreak File#3 that the 8 survivors has gather again and they were hidding somewhere in Leon side-story city and they decide to work together and get in contact to the military and make it out alive.

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