So I was thinking about that woman in RE6 and I saw a post about Claire comeback on Downfall and I was wondering that Claire would be needing a patner for her comeback right because most RE games now features co-op play so I was thinking that her new patner would be Ada Wong from RE 2 and RE 4,so maybe on 3DS the Downfall game would probably be the prologue and its single player at first then at the end of the prologue,Claire would probably get caught or being whatever it could harm her and Ada save her from danger,and on the new game,the two would maybe inflitrate the new or 3rd or whatever organization to stop the releasing of the C-Virus but they failed and both of them got caught,after the bad guys had review their profile or report,the plan to use Claire as the bait to lure Chris or whatever possible way to make him obey their orders and they think that if they dispose of Ada would be too wasted since she has all the skills so they plan to brainwash her and rename her as Carla and change her colour to purple and a red scarf as a remains of Ada and on RE6 she was such a cold lady by throwing a ball and let Chris and his patner watch their teammate die and turn into a hideous creture and was such an arrogant lady that she put her leg on the window with a handgun and jump out of the window like a crazy women when Chris and Piers corner her but when Chris and Piers corner her the second time in the trailer ,she didn't fight back and stand there without fighting back or make arrogant comments and she just stand there seems motionless and Leon says she is a "KEY WITNESS" which may hinting us that she is either Ada Wong or made by Ada's DNA and when she escape from Leon,Helena,Sherry and Jake, she drop her phone or her iPad or whatever device it is and they saw Claire and Ada in the device and she wrote a diary which Capcom loves characters have diary and store it in an inappopriate place so Leon save her when Chris wants to shoot her.

Or Capcom is just playing tricks with us and make her look like Ada but its actually a brand new character.

Or is just Ada's sister ?

So..what do you think about it ? =)

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