Well, we all know that Chris and Sheva fire the two RPG at Wesker in Resident Evil 5 and was presumably dead.But I don't think Wesker is going down so easily and I think that he may return in Resident Evil 6! Even thought he may be heavily injured by the two RPG,maybe he crawl himself out of the lava and was lying unconscious.Then Ada Wong went to the volcano and inject some kind of virus or whatever it is to Wesker which revive him and makes him fully regain his strength back and transform back into human form and the reason that Ada Wong is doing this is because before Resident Evil 5,seeing the successful of P30 funtion on Jill Valentine,Wesker decide to put the device on Ada Wong which he has his ways to do it so she could help him to do some work.During these 4 years,Wesker probably is creating a stronger virus which he may get help from Ada to infiltrate the organization she is working to get samples or whatever is important he need and then release it to the world to lure Chris and Jill or maybe even Sheva to get his revenge.In order to frustrate and taunt Chris more,Wesker maybe kidnapped Rebecca and Barry or probably Sheva and threatened to inject them with a virus to transfrom them into horrible creatures.In order to create a more powerful virus,Wesker could look for Jessica and the both of them work together and combine the Uroboros and Abyss virus to create something unimaginable.

So what do you guys think about it ?I hope Wesker really return and become even stronger than ever. =)

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