So, what was the scariest moment for you, or the scariest enemy, from Resident Evil? I know most of the posts will end up being from the classic games, but there were some scary moments (for me, at least) in 4 and 5.

  • RE1 (Remake): Any time when a door opens by itself, and a Zombie comes shambling through. Lisa Trevor's first appearance, naturally. And of course, the first Hunter with it following you back to the mansion.
  • RE2: The Licker-mirror scare, and Mr.X's creepy music letting you know he's there.
  • RE4: There weren't as many scares here, but the Oven Man freaked me out the first time, as well as the Regenerator.
  • RE5: If there were any scary parts to this game, they took place in Lost in Nightmares with the Guardian of Insanity. For example, if you get one after the piano bit, he's literally at the corner in that hall leading back to the dining room. A giant anchor swings down in front of you! Scared the *bleep* out of me. Key of Destiny 15:34, January 16, 2012 (UTC)

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