• Kimberly Archer

    We expected the Remake of Resident Evil 2 after many, many years of waiting and pledging Capcom...

    Inspired by the effort of Rod Lima, a youtuber who used Resident Evil model, re-write the game as an unofficial Remake and also the Invader game. Personaly, I prefer Rod Lima version more than the latter because he knows what aspects of modern Resident Evil he should add without interfering too much on game story.

    About how should the Remake of Resident Evil 2 feature, I expected some of my feature below to be in the game

    People usually sick of the overuse of QTE in Resident Evil 6... But I would like the QTE in Resident Evil 2 feature in the same way that Resident Evil 3 Live Selection. Depend on the QTE choice of players, different path will b…

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