We expected the Remake of Resident Evil 2 after many, many years of waiting and pledging Capcom...

Inspired by the effort of Rod Lima, a youtuber who used Resident Evil model, re-write the game as an unofficial Remake and also the Invader game. Personaly, I prefer Rod Lima version more than the latter because he knows what aspects of modern Resident Evil he should add without interfering too much on game story.

About how should the Remake of Resident Evil 2 feature, I expected some of my feature below to be in the game


People usually sick of the overuse of QTE in Resident Evil 6... But I would like the QTE in Resident Evil 2 feature in the same way that Resident Evil 3 Live Selection. Depend on the QTE choice of players, different path will be made.

For example, the game intro, when the zombie from back seat swung in behind two of our characters, we can choose between stomping a brake, or try to turn the wheel... 

If the a brake is stomped, this will lead to Claire A - Leon B sceranio

If the trying to turn the wheel, this will lead to Claire B - Leon A sceranio

Moving and Aiming

I guess that the best solution to Resident Evil 2 remake is the fixed camera when idle and over-shoulder camera when aim as the balance between classic and modern Resident Evil, like how they originaly intended for Resident Evil 3.5. The player need to aim sometimes in order to find clues for puzzle, some object need to be shoot like Resident Evil 4 in order to obtain.

Map/Areas Expansion

I expected to new areas which should be added to the remakes. For examples, the labolatory should add in the lower levels that appear in Below Freezing Point for additional exploration, or the facade factory from Resident Evil 0 that need extra power to run, make the game unpredictable to whom ever played the original games.

Preference to Outbreak and Resident Evil 3 plot

Since Resident Evil 2 are preceeded of these two games and have made a lot of canon errors, the Remake should fix these error by leave some files about the events that happened between them. For examples, a camera footage showing Jill was chased by Nemesis, Kenvin Ryman notes about what happened at the precint, or Marvin has mentioned Rita during conversation, Dead body of previously died cops from Outbreak... 

Inventory system

Yeah, I will be glad if the remake will maintain the classic inventory. It is not neccessary pause the game anymore, might be real-time inventory should be considered...


Beside classic creatures, I think it's time for some creatures to step in and fill the plot hole, like the Hunter R...


Non-canon battle modes should make a comeback, play in somewhat Mercenaries style... I missed Mercernaries from RE 6 so much...


Well, the original Resident Evil 2 doesn't feature the costume of partner character like Ada and Sherry... Should we be able to get one for them...

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