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Revelations - Episode 6: Cat and Mouse (Hell)

Krober7 April 10, 2012 User blog:Krober7

Hello my blog viewers,

I am stuck on this episode of RE Revelations and I need advice. Why am I stuck? 'Cause I have no ammo or explosives, a knife and a herb.

I am on the bit after the Scagdead ambush in the Casino of the ship. Previously, I looked for ammo before I went for the ambush. By doing that, I got 90 Machine Gun Ammo (120 total), 18 Shotgun Shells (27 total), 10 Handgun Bullets (70 total), Illegal & Custom Parts. When I enter the casino, I can pick up 20 Handgun Bullets (90), a Hand Grenade (5), a Pulse Grenade (4 or 5), and a Green Herb (2). I got another with the Genesis (46% -> 100%/3).

After that, I got a shock by what I had - a knife and a herb. I went to Raid Mode and managed to get at least 5 or 10 bullets + pick up 10. Some how I managed to get to the next savepoint. There I can pick up 20 bullets, a herb and 2 Hand Grenades. On the Genesis, I have 78%. I scan an Ooze that explodes and then shoot the arm Oozes. By that point I need to use a herb. Encounter a bone Ooze followed by an Ooze army. Then I get killed by an Ooze that won't die from a grenade. He then suck me 'til I die

Any tips on how to regain ammo?

If you do leave them below



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