So I have been playing ORC religiously ever since it came out (sad, I know) and I was wondering something. So I bought the Echo Six Expansions and there are two achievements that deal with multi-player. This is where you kill somebody with a crucible and get all 5 samples in Dispatch. So I have been trying to get to play those levels but they are never up for selection. What gives? I figured that perhaps all people must have the DLC but then that means I am screwed cause that is hard to come by.

In conclusion, I have this to ask:

Anybody wanna friend me and we play the new DLC arenas together and help eachother with achievements and do campaign together too? I have a mic so we can co-ordinate.

Thanks guys for reading, hope to hear from you soon! My Gamer Tag is RyanBitz

P.S. If you played with or against me in multiplayer, then do it again :)

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