aka Levi Hiram

  • I live in Mexico
  • I was born on June 24
  • L-hiram

    dont you think that chris is getting emotionally unstable.

    • RE: 3 in the epilogue jill finds a bloody knife in the department of chris.
    • RE: Revelation's chris is obsessed with finding jill (They had not even put in that mission, Because his relationship with Jill)
    • RE: 5 chris was still thinking that Jill is alive, although she spent 3 years after his supposed death
    • I dont know if the campaign viral is Canno,, but it seems he wanted tossing over the bridge
    • and RE: 6 chris try to kill carla / ada, after she killed several of his peers (I would do)

    well its my opinion . what do you think guys??  :D

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