Stumbled across the silliest blog post I've seen in years. It was published in 2007, however the author still stands in support of his childish claims. The author listed the reasons for RE5's supposed racism, so I will list them here and give the reasons for their sillyness.

"This game portrays the Africans as diseased, when we know that there is Aids which is a real problem there and the world seems to be ignoring the situation."

The Africans are infected with a virus that has no connection whatsoever with the AIDS virus. The virus turns it's host into an aggressive "pusedozombie". The Americans and the Spaniards were also infected with the virus in their respective countries.

"The game portrays a Caucasian in army fatigues as the so called hero or “savior” who is let loose to run roughshod over those diseased Africans. We know that there are people in the U.S. who are touting that in order to stave off AIDS we should start “exterminating” those with the disease in Africa."

This one is just plain silly. The "hero" isn't let loose to run roughshod over the Africans. His mission is to eradicate the source of the virus, not to kill Africans. When the Africans get hostile you must defend yourself. And I will reiterate, *clears throat*, IT WAS THE SAME EXACT DEAL IN THE PREVIOUS RESIDENT EVIL TITLES.

"The fact that they don’t give you any other choices for a hero except that of a white man. This is a very sensitive issue since the fact is that whites raped Africa of its people, land and natural resources. In fact they continue to rape and pillage Africa as we speak."

You must be familiar with the previous titles to know that you play as original characters. You do have an AFRICAN (that's right) companion, however. I will also ignore his claims on rapes and pillaging taking place as we speak. That's just silly.

"It doesn’t matter that they had already used whites and Spaniards as the zombies. There is no stigmatism in using white on white crime in a game. There is a sense of propaganda when young white children are exposed to the wonton killing of blacks or Africans for fun. The problem is that there is already a sense of privilege and the “I’m better than them” attitude that is instilled from early on by seeing the abhorrent treatment of blacks on television, movies, news and life in general."

It DOES matter that they have used whites and Spaniards before because they are equally as important as people of ANY race. There must be "stigmatism" (I have no idea why he chose this word, just adds to the silly factor) in black on black "crime" (preventing the widespread of a deadly virus counts as a crime nowadays it seems) just as you were suggesting. 'The fact that they don’t give you any other choices for a hero except that of a white man' (I suppose if the hero were black it'd be fine, amirite?). Young children being exposed to this outrageous racism is NOT Capcoms problem. The game is rated "M" (Mature, 17+), so if the children are getting ahold of the game that is on their parents behalf or the game distributors behalf. NOT CAPCOMS. And please mate, let go of these claims of "abhorrent" treatment of blacks in the media, they certainly do not help your cause on the premise that the claims are complete crap.

Now, there is a slim chance he will stop by to respond to this blog post. Whether he does or not doesn't matter to me. This blog post was a vent. And it was also to show the sillier sides of people.

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