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    Inserted Evil Puzzle 7

    October 12, 2011 by Licourtrix

    I was asked earlier for advice on the 7th inserted evil puzzle. I won't give you everything, but why not give you a little eh? The clue links to a table of elements and mentions the chief. Anyone who has played Resident Evil will remember Chief Irons the corrupt police chief of the Racoon City Police Department. so find iron on the table of elements, you're halfway there! you'll need to pay special attention to the numbers and letters that represent Iron. keep em handy now. Now hes the chief of police, or as the british say a copper. Did I just give you a hint? Maybe. Try searching for the number/letter representations for both.

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  • Licourtrix

    Surreal is a word commonly used to describe, the situations, monsters, and detail of any Resident Evil game. Developers and artists seemed to say "I can't rest until this is lifelike but outside anything you'll ever want to experience in your life" with every game so far. Enter Insertedevil. Insertedevil is a viral marketing attempt for Resident Evil: Operation Racoon City. Designed to make you dig through sublte clues to find codes to unlock more information, it gives an insight into the game and a chance to learn the backstory before the game's release.

    As far as surreal viral marketing goes? A-plus. The site, the searches and the general creepy conspiracy ness of it all has me on the edge of my seat. I was planning on getting ORC anyway,…

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