• Lonelysith66

    Okay, so RE6 came out yesterday and after seeing the play through, truthfully. Capcom dropped the ball on this one. It had the potential to be great story wise, but it felt flat and unsatisfying and only leaves more questions than answers.

    Leon's Campaign:

    1. I was right in someway about not trusting Adam. From what I read on RE Wiki about him, he knew about UMBRELLA's shady deals with the government, but did nothing about it until this point. To me, if he did something sooner, than a lot of the events in the RE universe wouldn't have happened. Also, it made me think about what Krauser said to Leon in RE4 when he said 'You don't seriously think a conservative mind can chart a new course for the world, do you?'

    2. Helena and Derek fell flat to…

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  • Lonelysith66

    Okay, so, I've decided to do a feature on the Family. In RE6, they were the ones who infected Adam with the C-Virus, among other things. The game's ending only left more questions. After a couple of days, I came up with some theories:

    1. The Family could be the 3rd Organization that Ada works for.

    2. Jessica and Raymond from RE: Revelations work for the Family, judging from the final cutscene in the game.

    3. The Family could be split into two different divisions that don't see eye to eye, hench the events of RE6 with Simmons on one side and Ada on the other.

    4. Benford could've been a member of the Family. Remember the Family's email concerning Benford at

    5. Helena may have been a member of the Family, which would explain Simmon…

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